Air Conditioner Fees Calculation Malaysia

Air Conditioner Electricity Fees Calculation Malaysia

Every time we’re doing air conditioner service maintenance job at Johor Bahru, the questions related to air conditioner electricity fees will be the most often questions that our customer asked. They are complaining the increasing of the electricity fees every months even they spent almost the same usage hours as before.

The air conditioner performance will drop estimate 5% every years, when the performance dropped will caused the compressor have to “work harder” and consume more power. When time flies, the electricity fees increased silently without the owner realized it. This is the main reason why we have to service and maintenance our air conditioner periodically which is more cost effective. Please visit our service page to know more about our services.

Come back to the electricity calculation, the most simplest calculation will be Total Power Consumption (kW) x Usage Hours x Rate kWh from TNB Malaysia.

Rate / Tariff kWh TNB

Electricity tariff (updated on 1 Jan 2014) differentiated into many categories: Domestic Tariff, Low Voltage Commercial Tariff, Medium Voltage General Commercial Tariff, Medium Voltage Peak/Off Peak Commercial Tariff, Low Voltage Industrial Tariff, Medium Voltage General Industrial Tariff and so on. Please visit TNB website for further details.

We will take the most common tariff as our example:

Based on the tariff above, we knew that the electricity fees are actually having different rate depending on how much the total power used every month. We will calculate the lowest and the highest.

Let’s say 1hp of air conditioner having 860W Rated Power Consumption, calculation despite the EER or SEER or any environment and weather factors which may caused air conditioner consume more power or lesser power.

Firstly, 860W divided by 1000 to get 0.86 kW. After that, we will calculate the consumption of 1 hour with the lowest tariff and the highest tariff. So the lowest rate will be 21.80 cents * 0.86kW = 18.748 cents (RM 0.18748) per hour. The highest rate will be 57.10 cents * 0.86kW = 49.106 cents (RM 0.49106). This calculation is just simply let you know you will have to pay maximum RM 0.49 for an hour usage of 1 HP air conditioner.

So now we will give a more reality scenario, assume that we will turn on the air conditioner every day for 8 hours and turn on 30 days per month.

0.86kW x 8 hours x 30 days= 206.4 kWh

First 200 kWh = 200 kWh * 21.80 cents = 4360 cents (RM 43.60)

The balance 6.4 kWh = 6.4 kWh * 33.40 cents = 213.76 cents (RM 2.1376)

So total will be RM 45.7376 per month.

For those reader who having larger capacity air conditioner, we will calculate 5 HP air conditioner for your reference:

5 HP Rated Power Consumption 4180 W

4.18kWh x 8 hours x 30 days = 1003.2 kWh

The first 200 kWh = 200 kWh * 21.80 cents = 4360 cents (RM 43.60)

The next 100 kWh = 100 kWh * 33.40 cents = 3340 cents (RM 33.40)

The next 300 kWh = 300 kWh * 51.60 cents = 15480 cents (RM 154.80)

The next 300 kWh = 300 kWh * 54.60 cents = 16380 cents (RM163.80)

The balance 103.2 kWh = 103.2 kWh * 57.10 cents = 5892.72 cents (RM 58.9272)

So total will be RM 454.5272 per month.

Take note that one unit of 5 HP air conditioner will be able to make you reached the highest tariff if it is running 8 hours per day and ran for 30 days.

So the second unit will cost you 1003.2 kWh * 57.10 cents = 57282.72 cents (RM 572.8272).

Why you need to do air conditioner service and maintenance periodically

For example if you’re running a cafe with operating hours 8 hours /day and 30 days. And having 5 units of 5 HP air conditioner, you have to pay RM 2745.84 electricity fees every month.

Now we will calculate whether is it worth to call for air conditioner service and maintenance.

Based on the study, air conditioner will lose 5% of efficiency every year which means you have to pay 5 % more for every month the next year.

For the first year,

RM 2745.84 * 105% = RM 2883.13

You have to pay additional RM 137.29 for 12 months = Rm 137.29*12 = RM 1647.48

Service air conditioner RM 470 / unit. Rm 470 * 5 units = RM 2350

Not calling air conditioner service won the first year!

For the second year,

RM 2883.13 * 105% = RM 3027.29

You have to pay additional RM 281.45 for 12 months = RM 3377.40

You had paid additional RM 1647.48 for the first year and RM 3377.40 for the second which is total RM 5024.88

Service air conditioner Rm 470 / unit * 2 years. RM 2350*2 = RM 4700

Air conditioner service won the second years and onward!

You will pay additional RM 5193.77 for third year, RM 7100.96 for fourth year, RM 9103.51 for the fifth year. Air conditioner service and maintenance will cost you only RM 11750 for 5 years (1 service / year), without that you’re losing RM 14673.12 within 5 years! Besides that, the air conditioner easier to break down within this 5 years which may cost you a bomb! The most horrible things is the user will not able to know the electricity fees are increasing silently every year!

Alternative solution to reduce electricity fees

Air cooler will be the alternative solutions to greatly reduce your electricity fees. As it is different technology with the air conditioner, the power consumption will be around 20% of air conditioner. Of course, there’s pros and cons for air cooler. Please visit our air cooler product page to get more information.



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