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At first, we need to know how dirty inside the air conditioner before we need to know why you need air conditioner chemical service. As the air conditioner system will be turn on and off, the air conditioner gets wet, cold and warm. This environment is a perfect breeding ground for mold and bacteria. Listeria is one of the well known mold that will caused large outbreaks of food poisoning in restaurant.

Air cond chemical services Johor Bahru

Most of the company are providing air conditioner chemical service with this method for split unit ac. This method will use the plastic cover to collect all the dirty water, technician will direct spray water to do clean from outside. They can easily complete one unit within 15 minutes. With this method, they will be able to carry out the job really fast.


在马来西亚,大多数有提供冷气清洗或者冷气保养的公司都采用这种方法清洗冷气。这种方法是用直接从外面喷水喷清洁剂,然后用冷气罩来收集污水。他们可以轻易的用不到15分钟就能清理一台冷气。 这种方法工作效率非常高,但是对于我们来说清洁度比较重要。当然,如果你的冷气是VRV、 VRF多联式冷气系统或者其他的中央冷气的话,这种方法是比较实际和省钱的。

AC Electricity Fees Calculation Malaysia

Every time we’re doing air conditioner service maintenance job at Johor Bahru, the questions related to air conditioner electricity fees will be the most often questions that our customer asked. They are complaining the increasing of the electricity fees every months even they spent almost the same usage hours as before.


每当我们在做新山冷气维修的时候,顾客经常问我们关于冷气电费的问题。他们通常都是投诉为什么电用量没有增加但是电费每个月都在上涨。其实没有保养的冷气性能每年会下降5%,当性能下降时就意味着压缩机(compressor)就要更努力做工而导致用电量上升。 跟着时间的流逝,电费在不知不觉中已经大幅上扬。

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