Why You Need Air cond chemical service

How Dirty Inside Air Conditioner

At first, we need to know how dirty inside the air conditioner before we need to know why you need air conditioner chemical service.

As the air conditioner system will be turn on and off, the air conditioner gets wet, cold and warm. This environment is a perfect breeding ground for mold and bacteria. Listeria is one of the well known mold that will caused large outbreaks of food poisoning in restaurant.

Besides that, the majority of the health problems are caused by the decomposing animals, insects and bacteria. The rotten animals, insects and bacteria had been blown into the room and inhaled by human can caused variety of health issues and infection. Dead mouses, lizards, cockroaches, spiders and even snake are able to be found inside of the indoor units or air ducts. 

Improper maintenance of air conditioner or air ducting will caused

1. Fatigue

2. Coughing & Sore Throat

3. Congestion & Wheezing

4. Eye, Nose and throat irritation 

5. Asthma Attack

6. Flu Like Illness

Please google the health hazard for dirty air conditioner if you’re interested to know more about it.

Besides the health hazards, improper maintenance of air conditioner will caused your air conditioner unit to be easier break down and efficiency dropped.

How To Clean The Air Conditioner

Many peoples think that air conditioner service is just cleaning filter by chemical, it is wrong. Besides filters, we will need to clean evaporator coil, fan, casing internal as well. We will dissemble whole set of indoor unit and do the details cleaning. Please visit this link to know more about what the differences between our services with the others.

For those who are trying to save cost, we recommend you to do some minor cleaning by yourself. Even though so, you have to ask for major cleaning service at least once a year.

1. Remove the cover gently.

2. Take out the filter.

3. Brush and wash the filter.

4. Brush or vacuum evaporator coils and fans 


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